How to structure your essay

Japan has a rich and complex regional history. The active development of its economy began in the period after World War II, when it came under the control of the United States. When you are tasked with writing an economic development of Japan essay, which is quite a massive topic, a rough draft can help you:

  • In your first draft, you can decide on the structure and scope of your essay
  • Clear what evidence and examples you will use
  • Build a logical chain of reasoning from your arguments

Of course, this will not necessarily be your final version of the essay; it is essentially raw material that you will build off of. You should pay careful attention to the structure of the essay.

  • Introduction

Introduce the topic of the essay in one or two extended sentences. If the essay topic sounds like a question, answer it in a thesis statement, and begin developing your opinion.

  • Main part

The central part of your essay consists of paragraphs, each of which is a separate block with your thesis statements and arguments. This is just the part where you develop your thought, demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of what you have read, and use ideas and examples to support particular arguments.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, you should sketch out the critical points of the essay and form an overall concluding statement. Remember, no new information or ideas should be introduced in conclusion, as readers will get the impression of incompleteness.

Tips for effective essay writing

Below we will provide a couple of constructive tips on how to make your writing better:

  • Start early-many of us are used to waiting until deadlines are burning. However, with deadlines burning, your stress will rise, causing you to sacrifice quality. By starting early, you leave plenty of time to develop your ideas
  • Remember the topic of the essay – in your reasoning, the main thing is not to lose the “thread of the conversation,” that is, not to accidentally go from one topic to another
  • Don’t try to write an essay in one sitting – an essay is a small essay, but it requires a lot of work. It is impossible to write an article from start to finish in one sitting. Divide your work into several stages
  • Write the main body first, and then the introduction and conclusion – Knowing more about the topic of your essay, you will write the introduction and conclusion better and faster
  • Use index words to organize your thought in a logical way

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