Economic Education in Chicago, IL

Illinois Council on Economic Education (ICEE) is a non-profit membership organization of business, government, labor and nonprofit organizations representing the needs of the Illinois economy. ICE works to advance the economic interests of Illinois families, small businesses and other businesses through the implementation of programs and initiatives that promote economic growth, develop skills, and create a better environment for economic development in Illinois.

There is a vast need for economically and educationally sound decision making at all levels of local, regional, and national levels. Illinois is a state with many diverse settings where the needs of businesses and individuals alike can differ. By engaging in a combination of community and corporate activities, the members of ICE can promote policies that will assist in promoting economic development and job creation in Illinois. Through a concerted effort to promote a stronger economy through a well informed and educated populace, Illinois businesses are able to expand and provide jobs for the people of Illinois.

Council Education Mission

I CE’s mission is to educate the public about economic concepts, specific examples of economic development programs and the importance of responsible decision-making and economic policy. The mission of I CE is also to help create a forum for dialogue between various interest groups in the state of Illinois and provide a venue through which realistic and informed discussions regarding economic issues can take place.

Through its Illinois Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), the organization helps strengthen the ties between state and local government as well as between the private sector and Illinois businesses and organizations. The IEDC assists with coordinating and planning activities that promote economic development in the state of Illinois as well as nationally.

I CE is an organization that strives to promote an informed and educated public in regard to economic issues. In addition to its Illinois economic development activities, the organization believes that the balanced study of any economic system should include economic education.

I CE helps formulate ways in which economic concepts are taught in schools and provide resources that support the teaching of economic concepts in schools. I CE provides programs and materials that help to introduce students to economic concepts as well as the basic terms associated with those concepts. These materials include various textbooks and other reading material as well as worksheets and interactive software that can be used in classrooms.

As part of its efforts to promote economic education, the Illinois Council on Economic Education (ICEE) develops programs such as Illinois Ready Economists, which is a series of informational seminars on economic topics for middle school students. The ICEE also sponsors Illinois Econo Room, a program that introduces middle school students to the basics of economics. The Illinois Council on Economic Education also sponsors several workshops throughout Illinois to encourage citizens to become more knowledgeable about economic issues. These workshops allow middle school students to develop valuable skills and become prepared for economic issues that will be affecting them when they go to high school.

Advantage of Illinois Council on Economic Education (ICEE)

This center offers over forty educational programs, twenty of which are centered around Chicago area economics. Six of these courses are taught by nationally recognized economists who live and work in Chicago. The Chicago Economic Learning Center operates two campuses in the South Shore of Chicago. These centers are designed to provide high quality public education programs that are beneficial to Chicago area high school and college students, as well as adults who want to learn more about how economic concepts are affected by local public policy.

Chicago area parents can also take advantage of Illinois Council on Economic Education (ICEE) resources. The website can provide a directory listing of local programs that can help provide homeschooling parents with Chicago area based elementary and secondary school economists and other economic education programs. Additionally, the website can provide a list of local shopping centers that offer a number of different seminars that address the topic of economic issues.

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