Economic naturalist approach to science

All modern philosophy of economics is a naturalistic project in which naturalism is understood in the modern philosophy of science. The central question of the philosophy of economics is the question of the realism of economic theory (in its neoliberal or neoclassical version, which is mainstream in economics). Economics has become a rigorous mathematical discipline, which is called social mathematics today. But the attitude to the trend of the ever deeper mathematization of economics is quite ambiguous. Critics accuse economic theory of the unrealistic nature of its models: precisely because economics focuses on the analytical solution of models, it neglects important aspects of real economic life. Neoclassical economic theory is based on strong idealizations and unrealistic assumptions, so it cannot reveal and explain real economic life. It is too abstract to provide useful predictions and explain and monitor the functioning of complex economic systems. Thus, writing essays on economic naturalist essay topics and researching this approach is obligatory for every student. Normativeness cannot be avoided in the philosophy of economics and economics in general because economics is a consultative science; it is relevant for all those who determine strategies and policies for social development, so they cannot rely only on their research standards.

How to write an essay on economic naturalist essay topics?

To write a good essay on economic naturalist essay topics, it is better to follow the next tips:

  • Any essay should start with an introduction, highlighting the general approach to the topic; the introduction should contain a problem and answer the question. The author should not describe everything he knows in the scope of the given topic, but only what will be a creative answer to the question in the topic. Throughout the essay, it is necessary to emphasize the connection of the presented facts with the thesis.
  • The main part of the essay is built to convince the reader. To do this, the author of the essay must use strong arguments. First, it is necessary to present the main ideas and facts that will confirm the examples of these ideas.
  • The essay should contain a voiced ending. It does not matter whether the end is a statement of anything, a question of whether the thoughts are not complete enough. A good variant to complete the essay is the use of aphorisms and quotes.

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