Essay on Economic Issues

Essay on economic issues in Pakistan is a subject written by educated people from different backgrounds but have one common factor that they all deal with the state of the economy in Pakistan very closely. These essays are well researched and written, which highlight various aspects of the economic scenario of the country. They also offer some sound suggestions to the government to improve the condition of the economy. So, if you want to know about the condition of the economy and various other aspects related to it, then these essays on Economic Issues in Pakistan will be very beneficial for you. Let us have a quick look at some of the topics discussed in these essays.

Economic Issues:

The economic conditions of Pakistan are vast in extent and extremely disastrous in magnitude. The various social issues range from exploding population to the exponential increase of the human population. So, the overall economic condition of the country is extremely poor. However, with the advent of various large industries, big capital formation and the mushrooming of numerous business houses, the economy has truly started moving. But, these issues cannot be solved overnight.

The government must provide an active support to the economic activities of the people, as this will definitely help in reviving the economy. Various problems such as lack of investment opportunities, increasing unemployment rate and insecurity of the market due to inflation must be tackled by the government so that it can stabilize the economy further.

If there is no active involvement of the government in the economic domain, then there can be no improvement in the condition of the economy. So, this essay discusses three major aspects of the economy and how they can be tackled effectively by the government.

Education is one of the most important sectors in a country and hence, the government should spend some time and effort to promote education. It is the key to growth of the economy. There are many students who do not have enough money to continue their studies, but there are various scholarships and other financial aids provided by the government for this purpose.

This is the first aspect of the economy, which the government should take care off. It has been observed that the level of development of various cities and towns has been very poor, but after the introduction of various grants and aids, this situation has been changed.

Another important area of the economy is finance, which provides employment to the skilled and non-skilled workers alike. However, the overall financial conditions of the economy is poor. This is mainly due to the inefficient management of the finance and low investment returns. Therefore, there are various measures to improve the condition of finance. It is suggested that the interest rates should be lowered and some part of the tax burden should also be shifted to include the interest income.

The next aspect of the economy should be considered, which is the exchange rate of the currency of the country. Experts recommend that the new line should be fixed using the base rate of the foreign currency. This will prevent the fluctuation of the foreign exchange rates with respect to the base rate of the domestic currency. There are various sources on the internet that provide information on economics.

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