The Description of Totality of All Economic Processes in Essay on Mixed Economy

The totality of all economic processes taking place in society on the basis of property relations and the organizational and legal forms existing there is the socio-economic system. In addition to the systematic nature of the economy, economic relations and institutions cannot be reproduced (constantly updated), economic law cannot exist, and the theoretical understanding of economic phenomena and economic processes does not occur; it is corrected effectively. Outside the systemic nature of the economy, economic relations and institutions could not be reproduced (constantly renewed), economic patterns could not exist, a theoretical understanding of economic phenomena and processes could not take place, and there could not be a coordinated and effective economic policy.

The Main Arguments to Describe in the Essay on Mixed Economy

In the last one and a half to two centuries, various types of economic systems have operated in the world. They differ in the way of coordinating the economic activities of people, firms, and the state, as well as in the type of ownership of economic resources. Depending on the method of solving the main economic problems and the type of ownership of economic resources, four main types of economic systems can be distinguished: traditional, market (capitalism), command (socialism), and mixed. Take a look at the next arguments to be described in the essay on mixed economy:

  1. A mixed economic system is a relatively new concept. It arose simultaneously with the development of a market economy since most countries of the world came to the conclusion that the economic systems that existed at that time no longer met the requirements for them.
  2. A mixed economy, combining the characteristics of two economies, was able to solve this problem. But each state that chose a mixed economic system began to develop purely individually. This determined the formation of mixed economy models.
  3. A mixed economy is a combination of the private and public sectors of the economy, the market and state regulation, capitalist tendencies, and the socialization of life, and economic and non-economic principles.

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